The world of B2B distribution is being disrupted

Geospago is an enterprise grade SaaS software that enables our customers to optimize their operations, and create delightful customer experiences.

Next Generation Resource Optimization

  • Maximize truckloads through load planning

  • Save gas and time with dynamic routing

  • Streamline workflows and communications through standard digital processes

All the tools you needs to conserve resources while effectively meeting customer demands


Automation to Unlock Labor Efficiency

  • Easily create mobile workflows that can be deployed to the field in minutes

  • Effortlessly track progress through flexible notifications and alerts

  • Modify and reassign workloads in real-time

Save time and money by digitalizing and automating your processes and communications


Streamlined Exception Management


  • Real-time alerts and notifications from the source of the exception

  • Standardized workflows and collaboration

  • Centralized communications for effective management

Effectively manage the unexpected in real-time without blowing your bottom line


Simplified Performance Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor the health of your operation so can easily spot issues across your business

  • Dashboards and analytics give you a dynamic view

  • Real-time tracking of all your assets

  • Easily measure KPIs in order to ensure your operations are keeping up with demands


Powerful API for Integration


  • Fully featured REST API for developers

  • Webhook support for real-time integrations

  • Simplified workflows through intelligent integrations 

Connect all of your core business systems through a simple API to drive automation


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